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OVX resulted in increases in body weht, serum cholesterol, endocortical resorption, and indices of cancellous bone turnover, as well as decreases in uterine weht, uterine epithelial cell heht, bone mineral density, bone strength, and cancellous bone area.

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These studies were performed in 7-month-old female rats with moderate cancellous osteopenia that was established by ovariectomizing rats 1 month before initiating treatment.

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Differential Responses of Estrogen Target Tissues in Rats

However, CLO is a mixture of two stereoisomers, enclomiphene (ENC) and zuclomiphene (ZUC), which have distinctly different activities on reproductive tissues and tumor cells.

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The substituted triphenylethylene antiestrogen clomiphene (CLO) prevents cancellous bone loss in ovariectomized (OVX’d) rats.

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