Ge multilin 469 user manual

Instruction Manual

The OMICRON software technology including the OMICRON Control Center, XRIO, and Link To XRIO enables users to create specific test templates which adapt automatiy to the actual relay settings.

Multilin 469 Motor Management - Create Motor Protection Settings.

The XRIO Converters model the protection characteristics and tolerances (e.g., impedance zones, I/t diagram shape, etc.) based on the parameters and cal data documented in the manual of the protection device.

Instruction <em>Manual</em>

Medium Voltage Equipment - GE Industrial Solutions

This functionality is the technological basis of the Protection Testing Library (PTL), a comprehensive test template library for a wide range of protection relays.

Motor Management Relay - GE Grid Solutions

Using the PTL allows considerable time savings as test plans and nominal characteristics do not have to be created from scratch.

Ge multilin 469 user manual:

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