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The lines vary in width and maybe once or twice a page is a wider (about 1/4 inch thick) white line or bar that looks normal, no black in it. If you pull straht down on the spade connector, it comes off of the black plastic mounting.

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It looks like small, fine black and white horizontal lines thtly packed, up and down the page. There is an arc residue defect on the spade connector on the thick red wire that contacts with a bent wire that then connects with the toner cartridge when inserted.

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Printer got back to the client and the same thing started to occur. To fix the problem you need to replace the Hh Voltage PCA, P/N RM193758-000.

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The strange thing is that the toner cartridge works fine on other P3005 printers, Also on this particular printer, a regular cartridge prints just fine. Pull back on the plastic shutter to expose the drum. If it doesn't, I suggest you buy your toner cartridges someplace else. some time printer Attention lht blinking we i change the toner.

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