Hyperion eos 1420i net3 charger manual

Battery Chargers and Power Supply Hyperion EOS 0720i NET3 AD.

Hyperion is already known as a world-wide leader in advanced battery chargers, and we continue to push development forward.

DUO2 User Manual - Hyperion

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<u>Hyperion</u> <u>EOS</u>-NET&DUO Series <u>Charger</u>- User <u>Manual</u> V4.6+

Hyperion EOS 1420iNET3 introduction - YouTube

The new v5.94 Firmware replaces LI-ION Mode with HVLI mode for 3.8V/cell Lithium Packs, such as the awesome new Hyperion G6 Hv Li Series.

Hyperion EOS-NET&DUO Series Charger- User Manual V4.6+

The newest 0720i NETi DUO3 provide a wide feature set, and unmatched power to suit 6C-chargeable batteries like our new G6 Hv Li Lithium Packs.

Hyperion eos 1420i net3 charger manual:

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