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KD-AR865BTS, KD-R86x BT / R96x BT / R960BTS / SR81BT, KD-X320BT / X320BTS, KD-AR855BT/AR959BS/DB95BT, KD-R85x BT/R95x BT/SR80BT, KD-X310BT/X31MBS, KW-R910BT KD-R97MBS(*1)/ R97x BTS(*1)/ R971BT(*1)/ RD97BT(*1), KD-R77x BT(*1)/ R771BTM(*1)/ R87x BT(*1)/ R875BTS(*1)/ RD87BT(*1)/ SR82BT(*1), KD-X330BTS(*1)/ X330BT(*1)/ X33MBS(*1)/ X33MBT(*1), KD-R85MBS, KD-R84x BT/A845BT/R74x BT, KD-X250BT, KW-R925BTS(*1)/ R920BTS(*1)/ R920BT(*1) (*1) Please make sure that the CD Receiver had been updated to the latest firmware version in order to use the "JVC Smart Music Control" feature.

JVC KW-V20BT Owners Manual

Up to 31 hand-held transmitters can be stored at the receiver.

<i>JVC</i> KW-V20BT Owners <i>Manual</i>

KD-DB95BT / KD-DB65 -

KD-R97MBS/ R97x BTS/ R971BT/ RD97BT firmware update KD-R77x BT/ R771BTM/ R87x BT/ R875BTS/ RD87BT/ SR82BT firmware update KW-R925BTS/ R920BTS/ R920BT firmware update KD-X330BTS/ X330BT/ X33MBS/ X33MBT firmware update KD-R73x BT/A735BT/HDR71BT/AHD75BT/SD80BT/R60(*1)/A65(*1)/R50(*1), KD-R80BT/A95BT/R90BT, KW-R800BT/R700BT/R600BT/HDR81BT/SD70BT/R900BT, KD-X50BT/X80BT/X70BT (*1) KS-BTA50 required.


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Jvc car radio manual pdf:

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