Cms made simple clear cache manually

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Following is the official documentation of how to move your site to a new location.

Moving Your Site to a New Server, or to Root from Subfolder MODX

Tip It's not required, but it's a very good idea to turn off Friendly URLs (FURLS) in the Manager, if you have them on, and rename .htaccess to ht.access on your site before performing any of the steps below.

<em>CMS</em> <em>Made</em> <em>Simple</em> Showcase - Test Page

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In Revolution, it's more or less the same process, but there are couple extra tidbits to watch out for due to Revolution's thorough caching mechanisms and how certain server-specific data is stored in its database.

CMS Made Simple Showcase - Test Page

It takes a b potential source of confusion out of the picture during the transition.

Cms made simple clear cache manually:

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