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Darwin considered Gray to be one of his strongest supporters in the US, despite the fact that the two men always differed on where God fit into the theory of evolution, with Gray being more convinced of a divine plan over Darwin's ideas regarding the role of nature and environment on species development and change.

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He became a professor of botany at Harvard in 1842.

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Asa Gray Born: November 18, 1810, Sauquoit, New York Died: January 30, 1888 Career: Perhaps the most important botanist of the 19th centrury, he was responsible for unifying the taxonomy of American botany.

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Gray and Darwin met at Kew in London, most likely introduced by Joseph Dalton Hooker. Darwin wanted to know about the distribution of plants in the United States in order to help him in formulating his theories of evolution.

Gray's manual of botany:

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