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To hear a recording of Pavarotti in his home town, in the building where he lay in state, where thousands came to pay their respects to probably the greatest tenor ever, was almost too much.

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It filled the painted apse and the vast aisle, tumbling into the huge Romanesque space where I sat on a pew in the antique darkness, among the scents of incense and wood polish.

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Grandfathers lean reverentially on their sticks, children run alongside, women clap and young men whistle lasciviously as you roar through town, a fleeting vision.

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As Cecilia Bartoli, the mezzo-soprano, once said of hearing Pavarotti sing: "I said to myself, God does exist." In that cathedral, on that nht, who could have believed otherwise? But the next morning I fired up a black Maserati Gran Turismo S in the sunlht outside the sparkling Modena factory, and a different sort of aural assault, just as divine, blasted through the air. You try driving a Maserati through Modena, or anywhere in Italy, and you'll see how sacred the marque is, how reverence is flung upon it like flowers on a parade, from bystanders in every village square and on every dusty roadside.

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