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Grandfathers lean reverentially on their sticks, children run alongside, women clap and young men whistle lasciviously as you roar through town, a fleeting vision.

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As Cecilia Bartoli, the mezzo-soprano, once said of hearing Pavarotti sing: "I said to myself, God does exist." In that cathedral, on that nht, who could have believed otherwise? But the next morning I fired up a black Maserati Gran Turismo S in the sunlht outside the sparkling Modena factory, and a different sort of aural assault, just as divine, blasted through the air. You try driving a Maserati through Modena, or anywhere in Italy, and you'll see how sacred the marque is, how reverence is flung upon it like flowers on a parade, from bystanders in every village square and on every dusty roadside.

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It filled the painted apse and the vast aisle, tumbling into the huge Romanesque space where I sat on a pew in the antique darkness, among the scents of incense and wood polish.

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Luciano Pavarotti's soaring tenor rose over Schubert's notes to the floodlit, ancient arches of Modena cathedral.

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