Showtec light jockey 16 manual pdf

Lht Jockey / Fader Desks / Lhtcontrollers / Entertainment.

All dimming- and switching channels and also the memories can be controlled by MIDI.

Showtec Product Guide - -Lux

• 12 Dim, 8 Switch & 4 Controllable aux channels• 24 pre-programmed memories• All memories are also programmable• Programmable Speed & Fade time for chases• Fade to speed sync• sets automatiy the perfect fade time between 2 steps DMX Controller with 12 dimming- controls and 1 master- control, 1 chase-master-control, 8 switch- and 4 controllable AUX channels.

<u>Showtec</u> Product Guide - -Lux

Lht - On Stage Visuals

To re a chase with fade-time can be done very easily now with the "FADE to SPEED" switch (automatiy the perfect fade time between 2 steps).

Blade Runner - Warmlht

In "record"-mode all chases can be programmed with speed.

Showtec light jockey 16 manual pdf:

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