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It is now possible to list all CAD operations using an 'undo history' which makes it very easy to step back through the working process.

Tutorial de solid edge v18 - YouTube

This helps when sharing data between multiple users as it provides the ability to immediately switch to a pre-defined viewing zone.

Tutorial de <em>solid</em> <em>edge</em> <em>v18</em> - YouTube

Solid Edge motion simulation, explode – render – animate

Major VISI Modelling developments include a new tool to manage multiple instances of the same geometry, component revision management, new surface modelling tools, tolerance application for drilling, enhanced tool/motion kinematics and updated CAD translators.

VISI 21 - Modelling

Please note that PDF files with 3D content can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader.

Solid edge v18 manuale:

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