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Some of these are: Discovery of Intermec AP's, easy confuration across a network of AP's, cloning of AP confurations, easy confuration of security, capability to backup the AP confurations. This software package includes the HPC2000 capable driver and utility for your Intermec Mobile LAN card 11 wireless network adapter. 3.06 For the Windows Mobile 2003 version of the 700 series terminals. 4.06 firmware driver 6400 Dos utilit New 2.4Ghz Janus radio drivers. Janus Auto Manual Cursor fix software Fixes Auto/Manual Viewport Cursor mode problem Janus Image Manager ver.

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For the Pocket PC 2002 version of the 700 series Terminals. 8.01.01 This set of Avalanche packages supports all Antares units except the 246x units. 2.3 Web enabler for handheld 700, 2400 family, 502X, and 6400. Utility EXE file used by the 50 to help when Active Sync will not connect. Ck30 SP1 - Intermec Settings Upgrade Ck30 Service Pack 1 for upgrades using the Intermec Settings Upgrade Device tool. Ck30 SP1 English – SD Upgrade Ck30 Service Pack 1 for English upgrades using the SD card upgrade method. DOS tool Legacy Janus 2.4Ghz Install tool For use in DOS environments only.

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Note that your 700 series terminal may also operating under the Windows Mobile Operating system, which requires a different MCL Client also available on request. Hhts of this release: Avalanche support; improved TCP/UDP network stack; Agere 802.11 firmware version 8.75; GTIN decodes; 1022 CCD scanner support; and a new 12x12 font. patch Patch for PSK 3.2 to use Antares internal MODEM with im_event_wait, im_receive_input, or im_receive_field functions.


This release is specifiy for the Intermec 6651 handheld computer terminal, and is the only terminal currently supported by this software. Note that some 700 series terminals use the Pocket PC operating system.

Intermec 700 series manual:

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