Jvc camcorder gz-mg130u manual

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We felt the same way about most DVD camcorders too—until we tried the Panasonic VDR-D300.

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In theory, dedicating an individual chip to record the three primary colors of red, green and blue results in more accurate, life-like images without the jagged lines and swirling noise that plagued other HDD camcorders. Also adding to the allure of this new model is its ability to take 5-megapixel stills (2560 x 1920 pixels) and with the 30-g drive you can save over seven hours of memories at best quality without worrying about spare tapes or discs.

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JVC GZ-MG130 Camcorder Review -

What made this camcorder a winner was the fact it uses three CCDs to capture video.

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Camcorders record memories and if the video quality isn’t better than a $400 tape-based edition, what’s the point of saving hours and hours of noise-filled footage–and spending more money for the privilege?

Jvc camcorder gz-mg130u manual:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates