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The Internet was abuzz with chatter about how the IDx harkens back to the Datsun 510, a desn choice I found kinda cool given the 510's history, but also a touch ironic because of Mr. ) would have been a better strategy for attacking the Toybaru—but what do I know? Has any enthusiast driver in the history of enthusiastic driving ever had anything positive to say about the way a CVT delivers power to the drive wheels? As a tech nerd, I can appreciate what's going on here, since from a fuel-efficiency standpoint, CVTs do make a pretty compelling case for themselves.

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Back in October, Nissan's Executive Vice President Andy Palmer publicly stated that the Toybaru rear-drive coupe that's taken the enthusiast market by storm is "desned for a 50-year-old.

A 2017 <strong>Honda</strong> <strong>Civic</strong> Hatchback LX With A <strong>Manual</strong> Is The Small Car.

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It's for a midlife crisis." Strong words, and presumably ones that were about to be backed up by the announcement of an affordable rear-wheel-drive fun machine of their own. CVT, which stands for continuously variable transmission, is actually a pretty clever concept with many different desns emerging over the years, the most popular being the variable diameter pulley-based units like Nissan's XTronic and Subaru's Lineartronic.

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And from a go-fast perspective, you'd also think a CVT's ability to hold engine speed at the rpm where peak power is produced would make it superior to a manual or traditional automatic transmission, but in practice that simply isn't the case yet.

Swap cvt for manual honda civic:

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