2002 chrysler prowler owners manual

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The transmissions were desned to use a special fluid (Type 7176, also known as ATF 3, now superseded by ATF 4) and many owners reported failures from the use of Dexron, as well as temporary issues which were resolved when the proper fluid was added.

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There may also have been mistaken impressions of failure due to the "limp home" feature.

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The Ultradrive is a 4-speed automatic transmission from Chrysler Corporation. It was orinally paired primarily with the Chrysler 3.3 engine in vehicles with transverse engines.


It pioneered many now-common features such as adaptive shifting, wherein the Electronic control unit optimizes shifting based on the driving style of the operator. While the Ultradrive transmission had numerous issues, reportedly due to being rushed into production, a common problem was not necessarily caused by a desn flaw, but by poor labelling: both owner's manuals and transmission fluid dipsticks advocated the use of Dexron transmission fluid in the event the required fluid was not available.

2002 chrysler prowler owners manual:

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