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At the time, a bad one economiy, most of the major vacuum-cleaner manufacturers were in a price war to produce a machine that could sell for less than a hundred dollars at the retail chains, where low-priced, hh-volume sales are the standard business model. ” one vacuum-cleaner dealer said at the time, in a article.

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The price was three hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

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Dyson was the product’s desner, engineer, manufacturer, and pitchman—its auteur.

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The idea that a mass of b-box-store shoppers would spend four hundred dollars for a vacuum cleaner was far-fetched indeed. “If I were Hoover, I wouldn’t be quaking in my boots.” Not only did the Dyson cost much more than most machines sold at retail but it was made almost entirely of plastic, a material commonly associated with cheap products.

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