How often to flush manual transmission fluid

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Some background may help to put things into perspective.

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The growth in this auto service segment has been ballooning over the last 15 to 20 years.

<em>Transmission</em> <em>Flush</em>, Fill & <em>Fluid</em> Change

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If you’re a dilent consumer, you’ll often refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or maintenance guide to learn more about these services, but you won’t find any information on flush/treatment preventative maintenance in those publications. Or perhaps you’ll ask your service consultant for the low-down or maybe just say “no, thanks” or just go along with the suggestions and try not to wince when your oil change invoice balloons to several hundred dollars.

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Automakers, in a move to improve their market share, have leaned out their recommended service guides and stretched time and distance intervals to position their products in the “low-operation-costs” bracket.

How often to flush manual transmission fluid:

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