Lionel gg1 tmcc manual

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Cool Features: Conventional and Command mode operation Command mode Volume Control On-board Volume Control for conventional operation Expanded variety of sound sets Diesel: Alco PA/PB, Alco 420, F3/F7, E8/9, GP7/9, Dash 9, FM, SD Steam: Small, Medium, Large, Articulated, Steam w/ Air Horn Electric: GG1, EP5 Battery (9v) supports convention mode operation Fully compliant with TMCC protocol standards Only 1.75" L x 1.25" W x 0.50" H Additional Applications: Sound Box Cars, Cabooses, Accessories.

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Overview: The latest version of the Rail Sounds Commander is the smallest, most full featured, hhest performance Rail Sounds upgrade available for your locomotives.

Vision Line <strong>GG1</strong> O Gauge Railroading On Line

Sound Commander 2 TM - The Electric Railroad Company

The Rail Sounds Commander operates standalone, or in conjunction with the full product line of Electric Railroads TMCC upgrades.

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-- With the engine on the track and the PROG/RUN switch in the program position. -- On the Cab-1 hand held remote press ENG # # SET ENG # # AUX1 Program Code (Chart below) -- Take the engine off the track and slide the switch back to run, let it sit for about 30 seconds.

Lionel gg1 tmcc manual:

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