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There are multiple ways that public keys can be distributed: Public and private keys, as well as encrypted messages in Open PGP, are encoded in a defined text formats that allow them to be exchanged or stored as text files. If it is lost, the password cannot be recovered and the key can no longer be used.

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This concept is illustrated on the page "How Gpg4win works".

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Keytool-Key and Certificate Management Tool

You can either generate a new key pair as explained in this section, or import an existing key pair as described below. Paste any keys into the text box in text format as shown above in the Message Formats section.

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For example, a public key would look like this: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----Version: Mailvelope v1.1.0Comment: https:// VI17Oibiy AYc LEd For Pt/46 4Rr Uk/DMRNet AV4Ve UJa FPRLu Wc Zjq8BFV01nz GQd3NG8CDO8q I37f VUXVGe03m P8f8DB2GP/cmu3m Ozl Ep Ta4Wsa KTgdx8E00q JZ6v66NQVRbm/7JG8Psj/didl2c QHe GCGCYsx9Orf LABEBAAHNF0pva G4g RG9l IDxqb2hu QGRv ZS5vcmc wpw EEAECABAFAl CORu YJEBLy B87Mr Gt YAADc Qg P/d VVIIld Gaeoz WFAc M94 u Mfdb Y9tp OK/0k HEMDL5Wql Hj865Vlo Adtk rl DZ0Nn W2gc92z MGW a13z YHkv N8o E6Ut Us G4ua QGq Sbq WF5p UQ KK/f J49Na H2p nahd I9Ipvm Kow Xa ARKVY8Qq BLza Xj Gg3/VLBI86am8q JEULis I==5VIW-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- To use Mailvelope, at least one key pair (consisting of a public and private key) must be available. With this function you can select a file on your hard drive with keys, which will be imported into Mailvelope.

Manual public key entry:

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