Pcr primer a laboratory manual 2nd edition

Molecular Cloning A Laboratory Manual Fourth

All biotin reagents should contain a spacer arm, at least 6 C-atoms in length, to reduce steric hindrance.

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There are a variety of commercially available biotinylation reagents that target different functional s like primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls, carbohydrates, tyrosine and histidine side chains and guanidine and cytosine bases.

Molecular Cloning A <i>Laboratory</i> <i>Manual</i> Fourth

Biotinylation Guidelines Thermo Fisher Scientific

There are many commercially available biotinylation kits that enable simple and efficient biotin labeling of antibodies, proteins and peptides.

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Biotinylation is widely used to enable isolation, separation, concentration and further downstream processing and analysis of biomolecules.

Pcr primer a laboratory manual 2nd edition:

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