Tektronix oscilloscope service manual

Tektronix 4000 Series Dital Phosphor

I have four manuals for the scope as pdf: One silly little experiment that I've wanted to do for years is to take my expensive PC and my expensive scope and turn it into a simple vector screen, using the on board sound device on my motherboard I did just that.

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<i>Tektronix</i> 4000 Series Dital Phosphor

MDO3000 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes User

- Car PSU - Lacetti-Blaupunkt - sensor ctrl - Gold Phoenix - Mikrokopter - Votron Software: Printer drivers - Filters - 5 minute LIRC guide - CVS patch - Hunspell - Linux Patches - mpx rxmgr - Atheros channels - WDTVWifi: Far Power - Nano Station - Air OS - Multipath OOPS - Remote Reset I have just bought a Tektronix 2236, a very nice analog oscilloscope with the added bonus of having a built in frequency counter, ohmmeter, (true rms) voltmeter and other dital multimeter functions. 25% VAT, in feb 2003 the scope came uncalibrated, without probes and manual, there aren't that many used scopes in Denmark, so you will be able to find one much cheaper on ebay.

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When I was researching the scope prior to buying it (like you are now, I guess) I was annoyed by not being able to find some really good photos (click the image), so I could fure out what features the scope has and I couldn't find a manual either, so I descided to publish this page to provide the service that I was missing.

Tektronix oscilloscope service manual:

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