1992 eagle talon repair manual

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The 6DFC & 6DGC both work on the 6DFC xdf file, and 90% of the parameters work for the 6DFD & 6DGD, however I will get a revised xdf for the FD&GD bins asap.

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Nevertheless, TOAD® software supports more OBD1 vehicles then any other scanner in the world. But if your vehicle has a unique plug shape (like round as is true with Mercedes/BMW cars) — then you'll also need to get an extension cable. GM 1992-93 Camaro 5.7L MFI LT1 1992 IY CAR 5.7L MFI LT1 1993 IY 1,2F GM 1994 Camaro - Impala SS - Corvette 5.7L SFI LT1 1994 1,2F 5.7L SFI LT1 1995 1,2F GM Pontiac 3.2 (also 1991 Z-34 Lumina, 3.4L DOHC, W-Body) 3.4L PFI LQ1 1991 W Car 3.4L PFI LQ1 1992 W Car 3.4L PFI LQ1 1993 W Car 3.1L PFI LH0 1993 1W,2W,3W,4W Car 3.1L PFI LH0 1994 1W Car GM 1989 Chevrolet Corvette 410B 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 91 W, A, J, L - CAR 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 92 1,2,3,4W, 1,2J, 1,7L 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 93 1J, L,2J,1,2,3W 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 94 1,2J 413B 3300 MFI (LG7) (VIN=N) 91 A, N-CAR 3300 MFI (LG7) (VIN=N) 92 3,4A 2,3,4N cars 3300 MFI (LG7) (VIN=N) 93 3,4A 2,3,4N cars 610B 2.0L, L4, SOHC Turbo Engine (VIN code M) 4.3L TURBO LB4 (VIN = Z) 1991.5 SYCLONE 4.3L TURBO LB4 (VIN = Z) 1992 T-truck 4.3L TURBO LB4 (VIN = Z) 1993 T-truck A9L - 88-92 Mustang 5.0L A9M - '89 - '93 5.0l Mustang A3M - 93 5.0 Mustang A3M1 - 93 5.0 Mustang A3M2 - 93 5.0 Mustang D3D1 - 89-93 5.0 Mustang S0Z - 89-93 5.0 Mustang X3Z - 93 5.0 Cobra Definition maintained by Dex L4C1 - 94-95 5.0l Mustang 5sp export market J4J1 - 94-95 5.0l Mustang Cobra 5sp T4M0 - 94-95 5.0l Mustang 5sp U4P0 - 94-95 5.0l Mustang auto W4H0 - 94-95 5.0l Mustang auto ZA0 - 95 5.8 Mustang Cobra R 5sp FCL0 - 95 5.0l Mustang auto Japan market S4M1 - 5.0l auto 6DBD - 1998 Futura/GLI, 4.0L, auto 6DNB - 1998 GLI, 4.0L, auto 6TEE - 1998 XR6 Ghia, 4.0L, auto May also work with: 6DAC - 1998, unknown, 4.0L, manual (HWMD3 strat.) 6DMA - 1997 XR6, 4.0L, auto (HWAC2 strat.) (Requires 256KB bin with first 8KB to be null-padded) 1996-1998 Ford 5 Litre Falcons & Fairlanes 6DFC 1996 EL XR8 manual HO 5ltr 6DFD 1998 EL XR8 Manual HO 5ltr (Explorer Intake) 6DGC 1996 NL Fairlane Ghia auto HO 5ltr 6DGD 1997 EL Fairmont Ghia auto HO 5ltr Provided and maintained by Jaysen Anderson Jaysen's notes: A lot of these parameters are still untested, Ive tried the more common ones ie WOT fuel & Spark, idle rpm etc.

TOAD OBD1 Vehicle Support List Car OBD

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Firstly, ELM327 will *not* work with OBD1 vehicles. Secondly, if your vehicle is found on this page — then get ALDL cable which you can buy separately from USA or Australia. However if you choose to play with these, be aware of that you do so at your own risk.

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For example newer OBD2 can report up to 15,000 possible data parameters (ed PID's). Those 300 parameters can still be useful to mechanics for things like O2 sensors and carbon emission tests.

1992 eagle talon repair manual:

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