Zenith 1005 console manual

S464 10-S-464 Ch=1005 Radio Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, I

Member John Goller has reported an error in the Zenith schematics for Chassis 5808 covering models 8S443, 8S451, and 8S463.

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It does have a Local Distance switch which grounds a 10K resistor to the cathode of the 1232 RF amp tube for distance position.

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Zenith Tv User Manuals Download - ManualsLib

The same error is found in Chassis 1005 covering models 10S443, 10S452, 10S464, 10S470, 10S491, and 10S492, and in Chassis 1103 for model 11S474. The Wavemagnet antenna for the above model does not have a "Wavemagnet or External" antenna switch on the antenna.

Zenith User Manuals Download - ManualsLib

These errors appear to have orinated in the Zenith Service Manuals and have been carried forward in the Riders and Beitman schematics.

Zenith 1005 console manual:

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