Bosch dishwasher troubleshoot manual repair

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We read on google that a lady had this problem and we copied her instructions to see if it worked and am so pleased to say it did.

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Dishwasher Repair Manual - Table of Contents

Bend all the clips out of the way the dispenser will fall into machine but some washing soap on gasket of new one strahten clips straht with pliers and refit new one push firmly clips will click back into place anti flood mechanism activated in base pan you have a leak once the anti flood is activated in puts the machine into permanent drain thats why it runs even with the door open but only runs the drain pump not the wash pump.


This sounds like flow sensor failure,it it fails machine will either not fill up or fill and drain without washing its a cheap part to replace and is fitted downstream of inlet valve behind l/h/s side panel either attached to inle hose or heat exchanger.

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