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The one to look for in my opinion—although any are serviceable—is the unmotorized square camera, because it's the easiest to use with a simple waist-level finder.

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But Bronica went a good deal further with its SLRs, having electronic controlled operation and offering three separate lines for the three main aspect ratios in medium format: • 645 (6x4.5cm nominal), ed ETR and ETRS; • Square (6x6cm nominal)—the SQ-A, SQ-Ai, a motorized version ed an SQ-AM, and SQ-B ("SQ" for "square"); and • 6x7 (6x7cm nominal), ed the GS-1.

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Bronica (the brainchild of Zenzaburo Yoshino—"Bronica" was a compaction of a Japanese phrase that meant "Zenzaburo's Brownie camera," "brownie" being used generiy in Japan in those days to refer to a 120 camera) fled the field in 2005, meaning there are many recent cameras out there.

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The SQ-Ai was later, but it's nearly identical to the SQ-A save for a few minor refinements (but at the cost of somewhat worse battery life); the SQ-B was a "stripper" economy version sold in a kit with a normal lens and a back, but is perfectly fine to use.

Bronica s2a user manual:

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