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See the "Command Modes" section to determine the appropriate mode for each command.

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Show Commands show aaa accounting show aaa authentication show aaa authentication password-aging show aaa s show accounting log show arp show autonomous-fabric-id database show banner motd show boot show boot auto-copy show home show cdp show cfs show cfs regions show cimserver show cli alias show cli variables show clock show cloud discovery show cloud membership show copyrht show cores show crypto ca certificates show crypto ca crl show crypto ca trustpoints show crypto global domain ipsec show crypto ike domain ipsec show crypto key mypubkey rsa show crypto map domain ipsec show crypto sad domain ipsec show crypto spd domain ipsec show crypto transform-set domain ipsec show debug show debug npv show device-alias show dpvm show environment show fabric-binding show fc-tunnel show fc2 show fcalias show fcanalyzer show fcc show fcdomain show fcdroplatency show fcflow stats show fcfwd show fcid-allocation show fc-redirect active-confs show fc-redirect peer-switches show fcip show fcns database show fcns statistics show fcroute show fcs show fcsp show fctimer show fdmi show ficon show file show flogi show fspf show hardware show hosts show incompatibility system show install all failure-reason show install all impact show install all status show in-order-guarantee show interface show inventory show ip access-list show ip arp show ip interface show ip route show ip routing show ip traffic show ips arp show ips ip route show ips ipv6 show ips netsim show ips stats show ips stats fabric interface show ips stats netsim show ips status show ipv6 access-list show ipv6 interface show ipv6 nehbours show ipv6 route show ipv6 routing show ipv6 traffic show isapi dpp show iscsi global show iscsi initiator show iscsi session show iscsi stats show iscsi virtual-target show islb cfs-session status show islb initiator show islb merge status show islb pending show islb pending-diff show islb session show islb status show islb virtual-target show islb vrrp show isns show ivr show ivr fcdomain database show ivr service- show ivr virtual-switch-wwn show kernel core show license show line show logging show mcast show module show nasb show ntp show npv flogi-table show npv internal info show npv status show port index-allocation show port-channel show port-license show port-resources module show port-security show processes show qos show radius show radius-server show rlir show rmon show role show rscn show running-conf show san-ext-tuner show santap module show santap module dvt brief show scheduler show scsi-flow show scsi-target show sdv show snmp show span session show sprom show ssh show ssm provisioning show startup-conf show switchname show system show system default zone show system health show tacacs show tacacs-server show tech-support show telnet server show terminal show tlport show topology show trunk protocol show user-account show users show version show vrrp show vsan show wwn show zone show zone analysis show zone-attribute- show zoneset The commands in this chapter apply to the Cisco MDS 9000 Family of multilayer directors and fabric switches.

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All commands are shown here in alphabetical order regardless of command mode.

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Show autonomous-fabric-id database This command has no arguments or keywords. The following example displays the ilc1image being copied to the standby supervisor module's bootflash, and once this is successful, the next file will be lasilc1

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