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The typical correct sequence is NJP - NAVPERS 1070/613 - NJP.

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Member was disciplined by one nonjudicial punishment (NJP); ande. 07-06), Administrative Remarks counseling/warning (MILPERSMAN 1910-204).3. A counseling and warning is legally binding on the Navy.

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There is no requirement for a commanding officer (CO) to award a NAVPERS 1070/613 following NJP.

Ref j NAVPERS 15560D, Navy Military Personnel Manual 1.

none of the reasons could have resulted in a punitive discharge (reference (b), appendix 12 refers);b. Members may be separated when during the current enlistment they have(1) two or more nonjudicial punishments (NJP), court-martials, or civil convictions (or combination thereof);(2) three or more unauthorized absences, each is more than 3 days, but less than 30 days duration;(3) a set pattern of failure to pay just debts; or(4) a set pattern of failure to contribute adequate support to dependents or failure to comply with civil court orders, decrees, or judgments concerning dependent support; and(5) violated a NAVPERS 1070/613 (Rev.

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