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These brackets can no longer be used on nehboring boundary walls as it violates the ‘Encroachment Policy’ of the National Building Regulations CUSTOM MADE BRACKETS• Sturdiness & Cost depends on desn• Various applications as dictated by circumstances where normal brackets will not fulfill their task.• Desn must be practical and conform to SANS 60335-2-76 All our UV stabilised plastic insulators (for residential use) are manufactured of only virgin materials.

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We also install white or black hh quality powder coated brackets, which not only makes it more corrosive resistant (with galvanising below) but also more aesthetiy pleasing.

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Brackets forms an extremely important and integral part of any electric fencing.


ROUND BAR BRACKETS• Can easily be bent• Most cost effective• Can only be applied on top of walls into drilled holes.

Nemtek electric fence installation manual:

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