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To test the spark you will need a spark plug tester. The power source comes from the nition module(coil), Power is stepped down internally in nition module to something between 9v and 18v(can't remember exact voltage for sure at this time). There is a reed valve between carb and block that clogs and prevents fuel from getting to cylinder.

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Put one end of the tester on the spark plug and the other in the plug wire. There are 2 fuel lines going into the back of the primer bulb.

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One line goes from the back of the bulb into the fuel tank, and the other goes from the back of the bulb into the carburetor.

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Before doing that check the plug and be sure you are getting fire. Be awared If you have ordered an nition coil for your machine do not forget to give the details of the serial number of your trimmer because of marketing cal changes or modified nition s the flywheel magnet and coil can be have changed so that if you order without giving up the details it goes oft wrong and it will give by the unknown people no spark anymore if not is order the rht part or the combi flywheel with nition coil together ,other way a great change that you dont have not the rht fitting flywheel for the new nition coil. Remove string cap and thten nut or you will have to hold shaft just above string head with pliers and turn head by hand till tht.

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