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Siemens SIMATIC DP Interface Module, Electronic Module,

Number, max ; Number band: 1 to 1023 FB Number, max ; Sequence of numbers: 0 to 2047 FC Number, max ; Sequence of numbers: 0 to 2047 OB Number of free cycle OBs 1 ; OB 1 Number of time alarm OBs 1 ; OB 10 Number of delay alarm OBs 1 ; OB 20 Number of watchdog interrupts 1 ; OB 35 Number of process alarm OBs 1 ; OB 40 Number of DPV1 alarm OBs 3 ; OB 55, 56, 57 Number of startup OBs 1 ; OB 100 Number of asynchronous error OBs 1 ; OB 80 Number of synchronous error OBs 2 ; OB 121, 122 Nesting depth per priority class 8 additional within an error OB 4 CPU/ processing times for bit operations, min. Runtime meter Number 1 Number/Number range 0 6 wk ; at 40 C ambient temperature Range of values 0 to 2^31 hours (when using SFC 101) Granularity retentive Clock synchronization to MPI, master to MPI, slave to DP, master to DP, slave in AS, master in AS, slave on Ethernet via NTP S7 message functions Number of stations for message functions, max. 200 ma Functionality MPI DP master DP slave Point-to-point connection MPI Number of connections 16 Services PG/OP communication Routing Global data communication S7 basic communication S7 communication S7 communication, as client S7 communication, as server Transmission speeds, max kbit/s 2nd interface Type of interface integrated RS 485 interface Physics RS 485 Isolated Power supply to interface (15 to 30 V DC), max.

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INTERFACE DP-MASTER/SLAVE MICRO MEMORY CARD NECESSARY Product version Hardware product version 01 Firmware version V2.6 associated programming package Supply voltages Rated value 24 V DC permissible range, lower limit (DC) permissible range, upper limit (DC) external protection for supply cables (recommendation) Current consumption Current consumption (rated value) Current consumption (in no-load operation), typ. I²t Current consumption/ power loss Power loss, typ.

SIMATIC ET 200 distributed I/O

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2 A 0.8 A 60 ma 2.5 A 0.5 A² s 2.5 W 128 Kibyte ; For program and data 8 Mbyte 10 a ; guaranteed by MMC (maintenance-free) 6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0 Page 2 without battery CPU/ blocks Number of blocks (total) DB ; Program and data 1024 ; (DBs, FCs, FBs OBs, SDBs); the maximum number of loadable blocks can be reduced by the MMC being used. 510 Address area I/O address area Inputs 2 Kibyte Outputs 2 Kibyte of which, distributed Inputs 2 Kibyte Outputs 2 Kibyte Process image Inputs 128 byte Outputs 128 byte Dital channels Inputs Outputs Inputs, of which central 1024 Outputs, of which central 1024 Analog channels Inputs 1024 Outputs 1024 Inputs, of which central 256 Outputs, of which central 256 Hardware confuration Racks, max. 8 Number of DP masters integrated 1 via CP 4 Number of operable FMs and CPs (recommended) FM 8 CP, point-to-point 8 CP, LAN 10 6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0 Page 5 Time of day Clock Hardware clock (real-time clock) battery-backed and synchronizable Backup time Deviation per day, max. 12 usable for routing 4 1st interface Type of interface Integrated RS 485 interface Physics RS 485 Isolated Power supply to interface (15 to 30 V DC), max.

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Memory Work memory integrated expandable Load memory pluggable (MMC) pluggable (MMC), max. S7 communication as server as client User data per job, max. S5-compatible communication Number of connections overall 16 usable for PG communication 15 reserved for PG communication 1 22 byte 22 byte 76 byte 76 byte ; 76 bytes (with X_SEND or X_RCV); 64 bytes (with X_PUT or X_GET as server) ; via CP and loadable FB 180 byte ; With PUT/GET 64 byte ; as server ; via CP and loadable FC 6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0 Page 7 Adjustable for PG communication, max.

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