Ar-15 manual and download

Colt AR15 Manual - PDF Text Files

Last week he sent out a compilation of maintenance checklists for AR-15 style rifles that I think was valuable enough to share.

AR-15 Rifle Maintenance Active Response

I have been getting quite a lot of visits from people searching google for M16 / M4 / AR-15 manuals. US Army M16 / M4 operators manual This covers Disassembly, Cleaning, Reassembly, Magazine, Operation and Ammunition and more. Bushmaster: Operating and Safety Instruction Manual. Uses the diagrams from the US Army manual and covers the same content but is not as detailed. Olympic Arms: OWNER’S MANUAL FOR PCR/AR RIFLES Covers the same content as the above manuals.

Free <u>AR-15</u> Maintenance eGuide Gun Dest

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Despite its popularity, most people don’t know how to properly care for it. COLT ARMORER’S MANUAL SECTION ON INSPECTIONS Download (DOC, Unknown) If you are really interested in learning how to take care of your AR-15, you need to go to armorer’s school.

Army cal Manual for M16 rifle - TM9-1005-249-23P

Written by Greg Ellifritz Jeff Chudwin is a firearms instructor and retired police chief from whom I’ve taken a couple training classes.

Ar-15 manual and download:

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