Ar-15 manual and download

Colt AR15 Manual - PDF Text Files

Written by Greg Ellifritz Jeff Chudwin is a firearms instructor and retired police chief from whom I’ve taken a couple training classes.

Free AR-15 Maintenance eGuide Gun Dest

Despite its popularity, most people don’t know how to properly care for it. COLT ARMORER’S MANUAL SECTION ON INSPECTIONS Download (DOC, Unknown) If you are really interested in learning how to take care of your AR-15, you need to go to armorer’s school.

Free <i>AR-15</i> Maintenance eGuide Gun Dest

AR-15 Rifle Maintenance Active Response

Jeff has an email list for police firearms instructors and uses it to disseminate excellent information.

Ar15 manual

The AR-15 rifle is extremely popular among consumers rht now.

Ar-15 manual and download:

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