Bmw k1200lt 2005 voice ii manual

Frankly this is an insult and huge disappointment to Honda's devoted Goldwing owners/riders everywhere! Honda, who used to be the leader, is now content to sit back and just do small paint and décor changes to the Goldwing, essentially unchanged since 2001 (GL1800).

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Honda seems focused on funky, futuristic bikes to attract new riders which is fine but it leaves those buyers with no modern touring bike to move up to in a year or 2. Well folks, I don't know if you find this 40th anniversary Goldwing as insulting as I do..thus I intend to display my disappointment via my wallet. I can't afford a new Gold Wing no matter what they do to it so for me it's not a b deal.

<u>BMW</u> <u>K1200LT</u> Radio eBay

BMW K1200LT Radio eBay

Well I would say be very careful there Honda, witness what has happened to Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki when it comes to touring motorcycles.

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Well I have read up on the "b news" from Honda about the 40th anniversary Goldwing!

Bmw k1200lt 2005 voice ii manual:

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