Cl015 remote control manual

Buy NT1004 - Remote Control / Receiver 10a 230v Ac with Manual.

Orinally supplied with 3-Device Universal models: RR3UNV Compatible with 3-Device Universal models: 10505, 152147, 310, 320, 340, 41905, 500, 500c, CL015, CL032, CL032 Manual Codes, CL035, CL035 Manual Codes, cl035a, CLO32, CLO35, CLO35A, CRCR3273, CRCR3283, CRCU1300T, CRCU300, CRCU300CB, CRCU300CG, CRCU300CP, CRCU300T, CRCU301, CRCU303, CRCU310, CRCU350, CRCU410, CRK68B2, DC20110512, DV285S, DV285S/KCXTL, DV285S/KUXTL, DV588A, DV588AS, DV588AS/KUXTL/CA, HE016, JASRM24911, JASRM24912, JASRM84964, JR300, JR400, JR500, LRCU300, LRCU300WP, MRU1300/17, MRU2101/17, MRU240117, ONEURC3110, PMRU330017, PM335 Manual and Codes, PM35, PM3S, PM435S Philips Universal, PV5257RK, RC24911, RC84911, RCR311B, RCR311B Code Book Only, RCR311BI, RCR311BT, RCR311S, RCR311S Code Book Only, RCR311ST, RCR311ST Code Book Only, RCR311W, RCR311W Code Book Only, RCR312, RCR312W, RCR312W Codes Only, RCR312WR, RCR312WV, RCR3273, rcr3283, RCR3383, RCR350, RCRN03BR, RCU1300, RCU1300D, RCU1300T, RCU1300VP, RCU300, rcu300b, RCU300MS, RCU300SK, RCU300T, RCU300TMS, RCU300TT, RCU300W, RCU300WB, RCU300WBL, RCU300WDRCU300, RCU300WG, RCU300WP, RCU300WT, RCU300X, RCU300XP36, RCU301, RCU302, RCU303, RCU303R1, RCU303R4, RCU310, RCU310 codes, RCU310BB, RCU310P, RCU350, RCU410 Codes, RCU410A, RCU410BL, RCU410MS, RCU410MSL, RCU410RS, RCU410W, RCU410WMS, RCU410X, RM24911, RM84911, RMV30, RMV7, RMV8A, RR5UNV User Guide, SC300, SC310, SC320, SC330, SC330C, SC331, SC340, URC3021, URC3050, URC3065B01, URC3300, VZ043, WMEX88, XRU100 CODES, XRU110, ZEN300, ZEN300C, ZEN350, ZEN350C, ZEN350D, ZEN350KA Note: This list may not be a complete list.

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Anderic Hospitality 3-device Universal with Learning. - Works for TV, DVD, VCR, Cable, Sat, Audio, DVD/VCR Combos, TV/DVD Combos, TV/DVD/VCR Combos, Etc.<i>remote</i>-<i>control</i>-.

Philips Magnavox SpongeBob SquarePants 3-In-1. -

I tried doing the search and follow the instructions - press tv the set waited for 2 blinks then entered 9-9-1 but the led doesn't blink twice.

Philips Magnavox Remote eBay

I tried all the insnia codes listed in the manual for the tv, but none of them work.

Cl015 remote control manual:

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