Clavia nord electro 3 user manual

Electro 3, 73-Key Electronic Stage

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also has doubled the number of live presets, improved support for volume pedals, and added MIDI-over-USB—the lack of which was a sticking point for some musicians on previous Electro iterations.

 <u>ELECTRO</u> 3 73 - <u>Clavia</u> <u>Electro</u> 3 73 - Audiofanzine


Leslie is mentioned to describe a connector standard.

ELECTRO 3 73 - Clavia Electro 3 73 - Audiofanzine

Its dual personality—tonewheel organ and rotary speaker on one song; piano, electric piano, Clav, or other classics on the next—has made it as welcome a main keyboard in some rs as it is a second or third axe in others. There are also some cool upgrades to acoustic piano sounds, such as optional long releases and a dedicated panel button for string resonance (as on the Electro 3HP but not the “regular” Electro 3).

Clavia nord electro 3 user manual:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 88 Rates