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’s Electro line has won the hearts of musicians in all genres who share a love of vintage keys. Second, the organ side of the 4D has the same sound engine as in the flagship dual-manual C2D organ (reviewed Aug. Compared to the C2 engine, which then trickled into the Electro 3, it boasts improved key click and harmonic percussion as well as a new rotary simulation and overdrive.

Clavia Electro 3 Sound On Sound

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<u>Clavia</u> <u>Electro</u> 3 Sound On Sound

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Now, the 4D hits the scene with physical drawbars and the company’s current best organ sounds. A new delay features tap tempo and stereo ping-ponging.

Electro 3 Sixtyone Stage Piano/Organ

also has doubled the number of live presets, improved support for volume pedals, and added MIDI-over-USB—the lack of which was a sticking point for some musicians on previous Electro iterations.

Clavia nord electro 3 user manual:

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