Ge 50 gallon electric water heater manual


They may have list of available service cians in your area.

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Read: installing 2 water heaters Installing heat pump: Heat pumps require 10 x10 room. But this is a computer-operated water heater and service s average $400 . Heat pump water heaters can save energy under specific conditions, but payback and savings are unproven.

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No generic parts available at local hardware store (except elements). Claims of energy-savings nore peripheral costs such as maintenance, repairability, replacement, inconvenience. why buy large expensive water heater to ration water to yourself? All computer water heaters require trained service personnel who know about water heaters, computers, plumbing, and electric systems.

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But remember all homes save the most money by using less hot water...

Ge 50 gallon electric water heater manual:

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