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This is why you need to check fluid level and condition regularly. Fluid Smell: Smell the transmission fluid - if it has a burnt odor, the transmission has overheated and the ATF is oxidized (or burnt).

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1998-2006: Mustang, FWD vans, Taurus, Sable, Ranger, Mazda B2300, Mazda B2500, Mazda B3000 and Mazda B4000 ; Econoline with 4R70W transmission; Ford F150, Expedition, Lhtning, Navator Blackwood, Mark LT and F250 LT with 4R70E or 4R70W Transmissions1.

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Checking Transmission Fluid Condition - DIY Instructions Begin Here Note: If you also plan to check the fluid level, the vehicle must be parked on level ground, engine warm and running with shifter lever in "P" Park Fluid Color: Look closely at the transmission fluid on the end of the dipstick. A transmission with oxidized fluid will not last long.

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Of the estimated 14 million automatic transmission failures each year in the US, rougy 90% (or 12.8 million) were caused by an adverse fluid condition. Tip: Place a few drops of fluid on a clean sheet of white paper to get a more accurate color reading.

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