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Many people interpret the precaution to be only if you can’t keep the outdoor burner under 12,000 BTU’s.

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Pressure canners with concave bottoms (Mirro models) can’t be used on flat stop stoves because the heat won’t transfer effectively; you need a canner with a flat bottom resting on the flat stove top.

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Wording in the manual, however, owing perhaps to some missing commas in the language, has caused some confusion: is the warning against any gas burner outdoors, or, just those with over 12,000 BTU’s?

Gemini® Double Oven Gas Stove with EvenAir. - Maytag

Doing so may result in damage to the pressure canner and/or property damage and personal injury.” “Some stovetops or heat sources may be inappropriate for pressure canning.

Maytag gemini gas stove manual:

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