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Omni manual DITAL rev1 - Mirage

Proprietary INSTRUCTIONS – technology and hh quality manufacturing will allow you to enjoy the most natural and accurate music reproduction for many years. advice offered in this manual is aimed at helping you maximize and maintain peak performance, and therefore, your listening satisfaction.

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The three most common locations include: in the corner or Auto. Adjust the Frequency Setting (#3) on your MIRAGE Speakers ® switch position should be used when connecting your MIRAGE subwoofer so that the frequency range of the subwoofer blends subwoofer to a receiver without bass management or when you well with that of the front speakers (For use with all settings, except wish to manually control the crossover and volume settings (such as when in Filter Mode Off). Gjckt gjlrk.xtybz jlyjuj ybprj-ehjdytdjuj cjtlbytybz Sub In 2.

<u>Omni</u> <u>manual</u> DITAL rev1 - <u>Mirage</u>


Caution: To prevent the risk of electrical shock, match wide blades of plug to Notes owners manual Rear Panel SUBWOOFER PLACEMENT 6.

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GARANTIEWARRANTYGarantie aux Limited Warranty Policy États-Unis et au Canadain the United States and Canada®® La société MIRAGE garantit cet appareil contre toute MIRAGE warrants this product to the retail purchaserdéfectuosité attribuable aux pièces d’orine et à la against any failure resulting from orinal manufacturingmain-d’oeuvre.defects in work-manship or materials.

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