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Consumer Reports magazine dismissed the "ionizers" as a class, creating much confusion as to which ion generating models were implicated.

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The charged particles stick to the blades and can be just wiped off. And according to Consumer Reports magazine, it is: Sharper Image’s Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier and four other similar machines fail to snificantly clean the air — but also release potentially unhealthy levels of ozone.

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Extra Collector Plates $30 Ionic Pro is an example of the air purifier "ionic" class over-simplification problem: anything electronic can be ed an "ionizer." (The Pro is actually an electrostatic precipitator.) This class of machines persists despite well publicized anti-ozone attacks by Consumer Reports, though sales are a fraction of the glory days.

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The article is being published two months after San Francisco-based Sharper Image agreed to pay the magazine’s publisher, Consumers Union, $525,000 in legal costs after a judge dismissed its libel suit.

Sharper image ionic breeze gp owners manual:

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