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I haven't had to reset router ever because of crashes and so on. However, this feature is nowhere to be found on the web gui interface. I got this router as part of a package from Tiscali TV.

Alcatel / Thomson / color Speedtouch 530 -

The Speed Touch 585 is an ADSL modem with integrated 4-port switch and 802.11a/g wireless LAN access point.

Alcatel / Thomson / color Speedtouch 530 -

Administrator's Guide for the Polycom RealPresence

The unit has been widely distributed by Tiscali, O2, AOL and Plus Net in the UK.

PRIV-5.1-User Guide - Help and manuals -

My 585i has worked like a clock for 6 months by now. I was very concerned because I hadn't heard about Thomson/Alcatel products and there were no reviews or discussion in forums etc. Very good for what it does, setup was reasonably straht-forward except....their datasheets for the product they describe subscription based content filtering feature, which was one of the main reasons I bought.

Speed touch home manual:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 88 Rates